About Us

About Us

Gamey and Gamey Group and PULSE Institute, Africa are registered companies under the Companies’ Code of Ghana and is the market leader in Consultancy, and Training in Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR), Industrial Relations, Human Resource Management Solutions and Productivity.

Other areas of specialization of GGG, and PULSE Institute, Africa are Corporate Governance, Strategic Planning, and Institutional/Organizational Rrestructuring among others.

GGG aims at offering its clients best quality services in its areas of specialization. The company is manned by experts in the various fields who deliver cutting-edge solutions to clients’ requests.

Gamey & Gamey Group is an affiliate and in collaboration with the University of the Virgin Island, UVI-PULSE, U.S.A, and PULSE Institute, Calgary, Canada and the Executive Consultant of Pulse Institute, Africa. www.pulseafrica.net


Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations Department

is responsible for Consultancy Services in all aspects of Human Resource Management, and Industrial Relations to include Salary Administration, Recruitment and Interview, Organizational and Human Resource Development, Industrial Relations Best-practice, etc

APPROPRIATE Dispute Resolution Department

Gamey and Gamey Academy of Mediation is concerned with the whole range of ADR mechanisms to include Facilitation, Negotiation, Preventive Mediation, Self and Managerial Mediation, Professional Mediation, Arbitration, Mentoring and Coaching.

Training & Development Department

is responsible for organizing training courses of GGG and PULSE Africa.

Christian Conciliation, Mediation & Arbitration Department

provides ADR services using Bible-based principles.

Governance, Banking & Finance Department

assists clients with tailor-made solutions using Pulse Discovery Frame as a guide.

Strategic Planning, Institutionanl/Organizational Department

helps organizations attain the appropriate organizational efficiency and effectiveness through the use of Pulse Discovery Frame to facilitate Conversations for the purpose

Restructuring Department

helps organizations attain the appropriate organizational efficiency and effectiveness through the use of Pulse Discovery Frame to facilitate Conversations for the purpose

Web and Software Department

We cooperate with Web and Software in offering training and consultancy services in Advanced EXCEL and ICT training and Services in general.


“Gamey and Gamey Group is committed to providing its clients with highly professional and practical training and consultancy services in its areas of specialization using world-wide best practices”

To achieve the objectives of our Mission Statement, we strive to:

  • Promote the development of sound and stable labour-management relations, and best Industrial Relations practice.
  • Prevent or minimize work stoppages by assisting labour and management in resolving their disputes through Preventive Mediation, Professional Mediation and Voluntary Arbitration
  • Advocate Interest-Based-Negotiation, Facilitation, Mediation and Voluntary Arbitration as the preferred process for resolving issues between employers and employees
  • Develop the practice of Conflict Resolution in Labour, Commercial, Health related, Environmental, Petroleum, Land, Chieftaincy and Construction and other Civil cases
  • Train and Develop the Human Resources of Organizations to acquire the required Knowledge, Understanding, Skills and Attitude for transformation experience
  • Assist clients in the areas of Corporate Governance
  • Foster the establishment and maintenance of constructive joint processes to improve Labour-Management relationship and Employment Security
  • Help organizations involved in Strategic Planning, Institutional and Organizational Restructuring by offering best – practice methods for increased quality productivity
  • Promote the development of Conflict Management in churches through Christian, Mediation and Conciliation
  • Assist Universities to design, develop and train professionals in Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR) and serve as External Examiners
  • Provide room to sharpen the Skills of Professionals from Tertiary Institutions, both Foreign and Local