Consultancy Services

Key aspects of our services has to do with offering consultancy services in Human Resource Management and Development, which is expected to guide employers and workers to perform their duties without hiccup.

We recognize the need to assist Social Partners to learn and promote effective communication and translate them into quality productivity to meet set targets and the ever increasing demands of the customers and clienteles.

We analyze data of our clients and facilitate the way forward through the use of brainstorming and consensus-decision making. We promote prevention and early resolution of workplace and home conflicts.

We strongly hold the view with Dr. Nancy Love of PULSE Institute that if you have been in this world a while then you already know how to speak and listen to your fellow human beings. You have probably experimented with different approaches to communication and have developed your own repertoire of how to get what you need out of a conversation. You have been more or less successful in your everyday encounters and have learned to adjust what you say and how you say it according to the situation and the audience. The consultancy services we offer are not necessarily new to you.

These are the skills of conversation that you have used or that someone has used with you. The purpose here is to define the skills in a way that will allow you as an organization or, as we prefer to call ourselves, conversation practitioners, to access them more readily and know when each skill can be most effectively put to use in a conversation and in high interdependency conflict conversations associated with the workplace and society in general.

This is our pledge and we honour it!

Other Services

  • Outsourcing
  • Facilitation
  • Sponsorship of International Programmes

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